Stuff I Like

Stuff I Like
(Products, Apps, Blogroll, and Many More)

  • Food Blogs
  • Eater – one of the best restaurant and food websites out there, period. Always has hot takes and follows the trends.

    Bon Appetit – I subscribe to their printed edition and also read it online and on my iPad. Obsessed. The peeps working at BA rock! And their popular YouTube channel should start winning awards for their content. I may have a crush on Molly Baz and her cooking. Shhhh!

    Serious Eats

  • Apps
  • Bring – after testing out dozens and dozens of grocery apps, I have yet to find a better one than Bring. Works on all platforms, is free and works like a charm.

    PocketCasts – One of the top podcast apps out there, this has completely changed the way I commute into work. I’m in the car 2+ hours a day and this helps me put up with it. It’s very well layed out and the best part? Compatible with Android Auto.